The Stick Figurist

Ross V. Stoltz

Born on October 29th, the so called “birthday of the internet” it was only natural that I became addicted to anything and everything that had to do with the World Wide Web. I made no hesitations to jump right in head first into the blogosphere, and there has been multiple iterations of “Ross blogs”.  Though much time has passed since my last blog, which I admittedly never kept up to date and abandoned.

So I am at it again, except this time mixing as many personal passions as I can, knowing it will keep me on task and dedicated to my blog. A love of history, random and obscure facts which helps me exceed in Trivial Pursuit, a lifetime goal of being a cartoonist, dreams of creating a viral blog, and most importantly….battling my worst flaw…..procrastination.

Buckle up. This could get bumpy.


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